About Me

Somewhere above the clouds, angels may be watching. But they may also just be visiting. 

Hello! My name is Jenny Lee C and I’m a writer from Ontario Canada. I have started this blog to be the serious and permanent home of all me professional writing activities. I hope to post updates about my writing, links to every single writing resource out there I can find, and also my art and photography from time to time. But this blog is mainly about writing.

I have yet to decide if I will be putting my fan fiction here as well. I want to maintain my professional interests with this site, but my fan fiction has been a very big part of my writing experience. My voice as a writer has grown from my experiences in writing fan fiction over the years.

And my fan fiction readers are a big part of my audience so I want them to feel welcome here, to explore my original writing in a way that is friendly to them as well. I just don’t want my fan fiction to be what defines this blog. So here’s to hoping that this space will eventually be a place for everything I write.


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